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Thickening Agents

Rheology Modifiers, Thixotropes and Thickening Agents for Adhesives and Sealants

Manufacturers of adhesives, sealants and other engineered materials around the world have relied on our PPG HI-SIL® silica thickening agents, rheology modifiers and thixotropes  to help address the complex formulation, manufacturing, application and performance challenges they face.

Available in four grades, Hi-Sil thickening agents cover a range of particle sizes and surface areas. Together, they offer manufacturers a selection of products to achieve desired rheology properties and anti-sag/suspension performance with minimal impact on other system properties.

Hi-Sil thickening agents provide enhanced performance and efficiency in non-polar and medium-polar solvent systems.

Rheology Modifiers and Thixotropes

Product Particle Size* (µm) DBP Oil Absorption (mL/100g) pH N2
Surface Area (m2/g)
Applications / Benefits
Hi-Sil T-800 2.5 270 6.9 190 Superior efficiency in sag control of plastisol-based systems, fast recovery at low shear, cost-effective.
Hi-Sil T-152 4 265 6.9 130 Highly efficient, low-cost, viscosity increase of industrial solvent-borne compositions.
Hi-Sil T-700 4 275 6.9 190 Highly efficient, low-cost, improved sag control for a wide variety of solvent-borne compositions.
Hi-Sil T-600 5.5 230 6.9 150 Highly efficient, low-cost, thixtotropic action for a wide variety of solvent-borne compositions.

Hi-Sil is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.