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Silica Products

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Free-Flow, Anti-Caking and Carrying Agents

Precipitated silica products are odorless, colorless, inert and highly absorptive materials that function as free-flow and carrying agents in products and processes across many industries.

As an early developer of these versatile, high-performance products, we offer a wide range of PPG HI-SIL® and PPG FLO-GARD™ precipitated silica products that enable products to flow better and manufacturing processes to function more smoothly.

Free-Flow/Anti-Caking Agents

Precipitated silica products encapsulate powder particles and absorb ambient liquids, oils and fats from the surface of host powders to keep them from agglomerating. The ability to prevent clumping makes precipitated silica useful for:

  • Free-flow of granulated and powdered foods such as table salt, sugar, spices, dried milk and creamers, and more
  • Industrial automation, including the handling, storage and controlled dosing of powdered food ingredients, animal feed nutrients and industrial additives in process machinery, such as conveyors and drying, mixing and screening equipment
  • Even dispersal of active powdered substrates in industrial and chemical compounds, as well as pesticides, fire extinguishers and detergents.

Carrying Agents

Our precipitated silica products are chemically and nutritionally inert, and readily absorb high volumes of liquid. Consequently, they are ideal for converting viscous liquids into free-flowing powders and dry liquid concentrates (DLC), and for loading active ingredients into products such as the following:

  • Concentrated flavors, nutrients, preservatives and coloring agents into artificial sweeteners, protein powders, drink mixes, instant soups and other convenience foods
  • Vitamins, minerals and proteins into animal feed premixes
  • Malathion, acephate and other formulations into pesticides, insecticides and herbicides
  • Resins and polymers into elastomers and plastics
  • Reinforcing agents, bonding agents and anti-oxidants into rubber compounds
  • Resins and other additives into coatings

Other Uses

Precipitated silica products also are used as:

  • Silica source for zeolites used in hydrocracking and custom catalysts; support for heterogeneous polymerization catalysts
  • Processing aids and fillers for tablets, capsules and pellets
  • Grinding aids for a wide range of materials
  • Clarifying agents for beverages and other liquids

Flo-Gard is a trademark and Hi-Sil is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.