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Silica Products

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Versatile Silicas for Multiple Industries and Applications

At PPG, we manufacture a wide range of precipitated silicas, representing some of the industry’s best-known, trusted and proven brands. Available in a broad range of formulations, many developed and refined over decades – or in close concert with customers – to fulfill the specific demands of particular industries and applications.

PPG HI-SIL® Precipitated Silica Products

A flagship brand since 1948, PPG HI-SIL® silica products function as reinforcing fillers for tires and rubber, microporous fillers for battery separators, free-flow and carrying agents for industrial applications and thickening agents for adhesives and sealants.


PPG AGILON® Performance Silica Products

A platform of proprietary chemically modified silica that combines product and process, PPG AGILON® performance silica products eliminate the need for silane coupling agents, enabling industrial rubber and tire makers to improve product performance, simplify manufacturing processes and reduce emissions.


PPG FLO-GARD™ Silica Free-Flow and Carrier Agents

PPG FLO-GARD™ precipitated silica products optimize the flow of powders, carry active ingredients into finished products and prevent caking of particle-sized materials in food and manufacturing equipment.


PPG INHIBISIL® Silica Anti-Corrosion Pigments

PPG INHIBISIL® anti-corrosion pigments enhance the environmental performance of paints and coatings by enabling manufacturers to substitute them in place of conventional anti-corrosion pigments formulated with chrome and other toxic heavy metals.


PPG LO-VEL® Silica Flatting Agents

PPG LO-VEL® silica-based flatting, flattening and matting agents reduce the gloss of coatings, varnishes, lacquers and other finishes, and impart characteristics such as dispersibility, heat-age stability, resistance to settling, leveling, smoothness, and color stability and matching.



Flo-Gard is a trademark and Agilon, Hi-Sil, Inhibisil and Lo-Vel are registered trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.