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Silica Products

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Safety and Regulatory Information
We are committed to products that can be developed, produced, distributed, used, and disposed of in a safe, environmentally-sound manner.  Ensuring the safe use of our products and minimizing the risk of product-related incidents to customers and the environment is critical to PPG.
Safety Data Sheets
Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are designed to provide workers and emergency personnel with safe handling information. Additionally, SDSs provide product properties such as pH, density and color, as well as toxicology information, transportation classifications, and regulatory status.  For emergency situations, spill clean-up procedures, first aid procedures and other precautionary information are also addressed.

PPG AGILON® performance silica


PPG FLO-GARD™ silica

PPG HI-SIL® silica


PPG LO-VEL® silica

PPG SILENE™ silica

Global Product Safety and Regulatory Information Sheets
Global Product Safety and Regulatory Information Sheets (GPSRIS) provide additional information about the application and use of PPG products.  Specifically, these summaries provide information about the following:

  • Uses and applications
  • Physical and chemical properties
  • Regulatory information
  • Product certifications
  • Corporate responsibilities/policies
GPSRIS are not intended to provide emergency response, medical or treatment information, nor do they provide complete safety and health information. For detailed guidance on the use or regulatory status of our products, please consult the applicable Safety Data Sheet.

PPG FLO-GARD™ silica

PPG HI-SIL®, LO-VEL® and SILENE™ silica

CiptaneFlo-Gard and Silene are trademarks and Agilon, Hi-Sil, Inhibisil and Lo-Vel are registered trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.