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Silica Products

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More than 80 years ago, PPG was one of the first manufacturers to pioneer the development of synthetic precipitated silica. That legacy of leadership and innovation continues today, continually driven forward by our internal initiative and, even more critically, by collaborative relationships with customers in numerous industries, including many partnerships that have thrived for decades.

Since formulating the first alternative to carbon black for rubber reinforcement in the 1930s, we have established one of the industry’s broadest and most trusted portfolios of precipitated silica products.

Today, these products are used by major manufacturers around the world as free-flow and carrier agents for food, animal feed, and agricultural and industrial chemicals; flatting, thickening and anti-corrosion additives for paints and coatings; microporous fillers for battery separators; performance-enhancing fillers for tire, industrial and silicone rubber applications; and non-black reinforcing agents for rubber shoe soles and footwear.

Even more defining than our passion for innovative products, however, is our focus on customers. For many, our track record as a solid, steady and reliable source of high-quality precipitated silica has engendered decades of loyalty. For others, our real value is measured through our commitment to working side-by-side with our customers to solve problems, meet unexpected challenges or develop next-generation products that will separate them from the competition.

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