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Silica Products

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Independent and Collaborative New Product Development

Throughout its history as a precipitated silica products manufacturer, PPG has worked closely with performance leaders to create and refine products that meet the evolving challenges of individual customers and entire industries.
That has never been more true than today.  Not only do PPG scientists and engineers have extensive institutional knowledge about precipitated silica and its performance and functional properties; they also have access to PPG’s comprehensive technical capabilities.
PPG’s research and development centers are equipped with the latest microscopy, spectroscopy, chromatography and imaging equipment, and a pilot facility enables PPG to rapidly develop and scale up prototype products so customers can evaluate and test samples in labs or real-word factory environments.
For example, PPG’s application testing labs are continually being used to help customers make tires that roll better, belts that last longer, batteries that perform better, and foods that flow more freely.
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