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Silica Products

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Precipitated Silica Products for Rubber Applications

Precipitated silica has its roots in the rubber industry and, thanks to the increasingly sophisticated demands of end users, is more integral to rubber compounding than ever.

First associated with the U.S. rubber industry in the 1930s, PPG's precipitated silica products have been trusted for decades by manufacturers in every region of the world for their reliable performance, consistent quality and dependable global supply.

Every day, our PPG HI-SIL®, PPG AGILON®, and PPG SILENE™ silica-based performance materials are specified to fulfill the demands of rubber compounders in the Tire, Industrial Rubber, Silicone Rubber and Footwear industries.


Whether using a proven industry standard such as Hi-Sil highly dispersible silica (HDS) – or game-changing Agilon performance silica –global tire makers have relied on our reinforcing fillers for decades to redefine the boundaries of the industry’s “magic triangle.” From decreasing rolling resistance to improving treadwear and wet traction, PPG's precipitated silica products have been on the forefront of tire-performance innovation since the 1930’s.

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Industrial Rubber 

Through the strength and diversity of our precipitated silica products, we are recognized by industrial rubber manufacturers as a vital partner in the advancement of the industry. PPG's silica products enable manufacturers to optimize processing characteristics such as faster cure rates, easier mixing, better flow, or more flexible extrusion and color compounding capabilities, while imparting valued finished product characteristics such as enhanced heat and abrasion resistance, better tear and tensile strength, and superior chip and chunk resistance.

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Silicone Rubber

With their proven history of quality, purity and performance, our Hi-Sil silica products are a cost- effective option in black, non-black, colored, and translucent silicone rubber compounds. They combine excellent tensile-, tear- and reinforcing strength with exceptional resistance to flex-fatigue, crepe-hardening, compression-set and heat-aging.


From colored and translucent non-marking soles with superior durability and resilience to better compounding stiffness and modulus for improved flexibility and comfort, we offer Hi-Sil precipitated silica products for the performance footwear industry.

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Silene is a trademark and Agilon and Hi-Sil are registered trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.