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Silica Products

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Precipitated Silica for Industrial Rubber Applications 

PPG introduced precipitated silica as an alternative reinforcing filler for carbon black in tires in the 1930s. Since that time, the development of our reinforcing silica products has been inextricably bound to on-going advancements in global rubber compounding and manufacturing.
Today, we produce reinforcing synthetic amorphous precipitated silica products in powder, pellet, granular and micro-granular form for use in rubber manufacturing.

Formulated in a variety of particle sizes and surface areas, these highly specialized products are engineered to increase the strength and durability of rubber for countless applications ranging from engine mounts, belts and hoses in automobiles, to wire and cable coatings, conveyor belts, printer rolls, syringe toppers, gaskets, seals, roofing systems, rubber gym floors and more.

PPG AGILON®, HI-SIL® and SILENE™ Silica Products

We offer a full a range of industry-leading silica products. Together, they are designed to provide manufacturers with optimized processing characteristics – such as faster cure rates, easier mixing, better flow, or more flexible extrusion and color compounding capabilities – while imparting specific properties to finished high-performance rubber products, including:
  • Increased stiffness and reinforcing strength
  • Enhanced resistance to heat build-up and abrasion
  • Better tear and tensile strength
  • Improved color retention and/or translucence
  • Superior chip and chunk resistance

Recommended Products and Typical Properties for Industrial Rubber Applications

Silica Product N2

pH Residual Salt Type Physical Form Reinforcement
Silene 732D 33 8.5 Na2SO Powder Semi-Reinforcing 
Hi-Sil 532EP 55 8 Na2SO Powder Semi-Reinforcing 
Hi-Sil 315-D 125 7 Na2SO Powder Reinforcing 
Hi-Sil 315G-D  125 7 Na2SO Granule Reinforcing 
Hi-Sil 210  135 7 NaCl Pellet Reinforcing 
Hi-Sil 233  135 7 NaCl Powder Reinforcing 
Hi-Sil 243LD 135 7 NaCl Granule Reinforcing 
Hi-Sil 900 135 7 Na2SO Powder Reinforcing 
Hi-Sil 135  150 7 Na2SO Powder Highly-Reinforcing 
Hi-Sil EZ160G 160 7 Na2SO4 Granule Highly-Reinforcing
Hi-Sil EZ160G-D 160 7 Na2SO Granule Highly-Reinforcing 
Hi-Sil HDP-320G 160 7 Na2SO Granule Highly-Reinforcing 
Hi-Sil 134G 180 7 Na2SO Granule Highly-Reinforcing 
Hi-Sil 190G 195 6.5 Na2SO Granule Highly-Reinforcing 
Hi-Sil 915 195 7 Low Na2SO Powder Highly-Reinforcing 
Hi-Sil EZ200G 300 7 Na2SO Granule Highly-Reinforcing 

Agilon Performance Silica Products

Agilon performance silica is a patented material that is engineered to enhance the benefits of traditional precipitated silica by managing heat build-up and improving tensile strength while lowering viscosity at processing temperature.
Based on a proprietary technology platform developed by PPG, Agilon performance silica also helps the rubber industry address the productivity and environmental challenges associated with in-situ silica/silane mixing.  By enabling a simpler, more efficient mixing process, this revolutionary material reduces manufacturing complexity and capital investment by:
  • Allowing the use of older mixing technologies
  • Increasing mixing throughput
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Eliminating almost all alcohol-related VOC emissions resulting from conventional silica/silane mixing 
Additional benefits of Agilon performance silica include:
  • Elimination of porosity-related extrusion inefficiencies
  • Extended shelf life for uncured rubber
  • Improved coupling in natural rubber applications
  • Lower temperature mixing to avoid natural rubber degradation

Agilon Performance Silica

Product Dispers-ibility Reinforcing

Weight %
Weight %
pH Residual
Agilon 400G High High 130 75 0.5 4.0 6.8 Na2SO4 Granule
Agilon 454G High High 200 140 0.5 4.0 6.8 Na2SO4 Granule
Agilon 458G High High 200 115 0.5 6.0 6.8 Na2SO4 Granule

Silene is a trademark and Agilon and Hi-Sil are registered trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.